August 18, 2021

How to Boost your Creativity

Get ready to boost your creative skills by reading this blog post.

No matter what your career, injecting your daily life with a dose of creativity can lead you to feeling happier and more fulfilled in the long run. 

Creativity isn’t just limited to artists and painters: the benefits of creativity are myriad, from acting as a stress reliever, to giving you the freedom to express yourself or lose yourself in an activity, to helping you become a better problem solver. 

Letting more creativity into your life means that the benefits seep into your work, too, giving us the ability to overcome roadblocks in life with creative solutions and expand our perception of the world around us, all of which can benefit your career and working relationships. 

Three ways to tap more into your creative side

1. Surround yourself with inspiration. Want to write a book? Plaster your space with photos and lines from your favourite pieces of literature, or go for a walk and observe everything you see and the conversations you hear. Your external world can stimulate you and get the creative juices flowing. 

2. Say yes to things you normally wouldn’t. That ballet class, that sculpture lesson, that workout bootcamp in the park: saying yes to things that you may not have done before or that may scare you can give you a rush of adrenaline that energises you.

3. Allow time and space for daydreaming. Making time to be bored and do nothing may sound counterproductive, yet having a break from the constant influx of information at the hands of social media, apps, email and your phone is good for creativity. Boredom allows your mind to wander and come up with new ideas.

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