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United Minds

What is United Minds?

United Minds, founded in 2021, is a company with a vision to provide easily accessible educational tools to everyone.

How do I use United Minds?

United Minds has created several products and services within the realm of education and training. We wish to contribute to people’s growth, both personal and professional. If you are interested in our flagship product Mindoe, you can download the Mindoe app from AppStore or Google play store.

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What is Mindoe?

Mindoe is a comprehensive educational audio program. The program is divided into several chapters, that are divided into easy to listen to chapters of about 5 minutes each. You can listen to them on the bus, when doing the dishes, or walking the dog. 

How do I use Mindoe?

Mindoe is a subscription-based service that will help you improve in many areas of your life; time management, growing your business, perfecting your sales pitch and managing your work/life balance. 

For whom is Mindoe?

Mindoe is for everyone. Anyone who is curious about learning more, expanding their knowledge and who wish to immediately use their new knowledge. If you want to learn more about running your own business, entrepreneurship and to be successful, Mindoe is for you!

Do I have to pay to use Mindoe?

Mindoe is a subscription-based service. Each chapter starts with a free introduction for you to familiarise yourself with the content, but to get access to the full program, the cost is €8.90 per month. Your subscription ensures that you don’t miss out on any of the new material that is added over time. As long as your subscription is active you will have access to all the material. 

How do I download Mindoe?

Go to AppStore or Google Play and search for Mindoe, and you will find the app. Follow the easy to use instructions to download the app. Inside the app you will find more information on the different payment options.

I need help, who do I contact?

Should you need the assistance of any kind, please send an email to info@mindoe.com and we will get back to you shortly.

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